Wanted Manticores

Source: Wanted Poster shown to the party by Cullen Stonebeard

Task: Local (and quite eccentric) poet Iosis Vemarelian wants to write a complex epic using only pens crafted from manticore quills. He wants a healthy collection of quills to see him through this strange project.

Completion: Quills harvested from at least two manticores should be enough to satisfy Iosis.

Reward: In exchange for a delivery of quills, Iosis has promised a payment of a rare book of ancient halfling poetry worth 3,000 gp

On Lamashan 12, 4714, the party discovers a group of manticores lairing in an old centaur burial ground. All three of the beasts are slain and many quills are harvested. Upon return to Sellenmar on Neth 26, 4714, the quills are finally presented to Iosis Vemarelian.

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Wanted Manticores

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