Tripartite Quest Kisandra's Plea

Source: Kisandra Numesti (Calistril, 4715).

Task: Kisandra asks the Founders to rescue her father Terrion Numesti from the dungeons below Drelev Keep and her sister Tamary from the Tiger Lord barbarians, and also to remove Baron Drelev from power and seize control of the city of Fort Drelev, thus liberating its citizens from the baron’s despotic rule.

Completion: The three portions of this quest can be completed in any order. Kisandra’s father and sister must be delivered to safety from their respective locations—Fort Drelev counts as a safe location once the baron is removed and Irovetti’s mercenaries are routed. To liberate Fort Drelev, the Founders must earn 20 Liberation Points in the city and either kill or capture Baron Drelev.

Reward: Completing this quest allows the Founders to annex Fort Drelev and its lands without increasing their nation’s unrest. This quest is worth 38,400 XP.


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Tripartite Quest Kisandra's Plea

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