The Nomen Problem

Source: Charter from Restov

Task: The Nomen Centaurs have long caused trouble for southern Brevoy. Violent and territorial, they are a constant thorn in the side of any attempt to settle and civilize the eastern Stolen Lands.

Completion: Either drive the Nomen Centaurs out of the Stolen Lands, or secure a treaty with them.

Reward: For securing peace with the Nomen(or eradicating them; either solution sits well with Brevoy), the swordlords of Restov are willing to pay 4000 gp.

As a result of Neilis’s return of Xamanthe on Neth 6,4714 and the defeat of Vordakai on Neth 3, 4714 The Nomens have agreed to peacefully coexist with the nation of Sellenmar. As a token of this peace, the Nomen have inducted Neilis as a member of the tribe and presented him with the heirloom bow, Skybolt. The Founders and their companions have been formally recognized as allies of the Nomen tribe. As of Neth 19, 4714 a formal treaty between the Nomens and Sellenmar does not exist.

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The Nomen Problem

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