Returning Skybolt

Source: Treasure found in Agai’s bag of holding and the leader of the Nomen centaurs, Aecora Silverfire.

Task: Recover and return the missing bow, which was stolen many months ago by the spriggans

Completion: Return Skybolt to the Nomen centaurs.

Reward: Completing this quest not only proves to the Nomen centaurs that their spriggan enemies have been defeated, but also earns their trust—they now agree to speak to the Founders about the Varnhold vanishing and will aid them.

The Founders recovered and presented the bow to Aecora several weeks before their expedition to Vordakai’’s tomb.

On Neth 6, 4714 Neilis was able to successfully escort Xamanthe out of Olah-Kakanket and back to the tribe. For his efforts, Neilis was formally inducted as a member of the Nomen tribe and presented the heirloom bow, Skybolt. Six days later, when the rest of the party made it to the camp, they were awarded the potions and status as “Allies of the Tribe”.

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Returning Skybolt

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