Forgotten History

Source: Tamerak Elenark a scholar in Restov traveling to Sellenmar

Task: Traveling scholar Tamerak Elenark has come to the Stolen Lands seeking clues into the history of ancient Iobarian culture. He’s promised a magic circlet to anyone who can find new information for him.

Completion: Search the ruins in the The Nomen Heights for surviving clues about Iobarian culture, particularly relating to the ancient cyclops tribes.

Reward: The magic circlet is in fact a headband of inspired wisdom +2.

During the month of Neth, 4714 the party was able to procure several interesting artifacts for Tamerak to study. These arifacts were returned to Tamerak on Neth 19, 4714. Tamerak is keenly interested in visiting the site of the tomb to conduct a more thorough excavation.

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Forgotten History

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