Finding Xamanthe

Source: Aecora Silverfire, war-priestess of the Nomen Centaurs.

Task: Find Aecora’s daughter Xamanthe or proof of her fate.

Completion: Escort Xamanthe (or bring her body) back to the Nomen tribe, or spin a convincing tale of her fate.

Reward: If the mystery of Xamanthe’s disappearance is explained, Aecora thanks the PCs for their aid and rewards them with a gift of potions – 6 potions of cure moderate wounds, and 6 potions of lesser restoration. If the PCs escort Xamanthe alive back to her mother, Aecora is overjoyed and offers the PC’s Skybolt (if the bow has been returned) as thanks – symbolically accepting them into the Nomen tribe. This action has the additional effect of allying the Nomens with the PCs kingdom, which increases their stability by 2.

On Neth 6, 4714 Neilis was able to successfully escort Xamanthe out of Olah-Kakanket and back to the tribe. For his efforts, Neilis was formally inducted as a member of the Nomen tribe and presented the heirloom bow, Skybolt. Six days later, when the rest of the party made it to the camp, they were awarded the potions and status as “Allies of the Tribe”.

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Finding Xamanthe

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