A Missing Professor

Source: Jemanda Orlashen

Task: A representative of Oppara’s Kitharodian Academy has come to the Stolen Lands seeking one of that institution’s professors, a man named Ervil Pendrod. It seems Ervil recently traveled to Varnhold, following up some obscure clue about ancient Iobaria, but he didn’t actually arrange for a leave of abscence

Completion: Find Ervil and convince him to return to his job in Oppara.

Reward: Jemanda will reward whoever finds the missing professor with a fully charged wand of find traps.

RESOLUTION Upon returning to Fort Shrike on Neth 19, 4714, the group discovers Ervil Pendrod among the survivors of Varnhold trapped within one of Vordakai’s soul jars. The bard is grateful for his release and works with the party to help determine the fate of the remaining Varnhold colonists. Reunited with Jemanda, the Bard and his student have decided to finish his unexpected sabbatical from the Kitharodian Academy at the Academy in Fort Shrike. There, they will sudy the artifacts recovered from Vordakai’s tomb and compose an epic about the defeat of the lich.

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A Missing Professor

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