A Missing Brother

Source: Local aristocrat Edrist Hanvaki

Task: Edrist worries about his brother, Tomin, who recently traveled to Varnhold to seal a deal with that village’s gemcutter. Tomin’s been missing for days, and Edrist has promised a reward for news of his brother’s fate, or at the very least, the return of his brother’s mother-of-pearl brooch.

Completion: Learn of Tomin’s fate and report the discovery to Edrist

Reward: Edrist is prepared to award those who bring him the news he seeks a payment of 3000 gold.

RESOLUTION On Lamashan 8, 4714, the group discovers the fate of poor Tomin. The foolhardy noble was thrown from his horse where he broke his neck after landing in a shallow gulch near the base of the northernmost tip of the Tors of Levenies. Evidence suggests that the man tired to save time by foolishly cutting across overland. Most likely he was in a hurry to seal a business deal with the Varnhold village gemcutter and his desire to maximize his profits, overpowered his good sense. This close to the mountains both he and his horse would have made a very tempting target for a creature like a chimera. The man probably came under attack, which would have spooked his horse thus causing his subsequent fall and death. The party managed to recover the missing brooch and need only present it to Edrist to receive their reward.

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A Missing Brother

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