The Rise of Sellenmar

BB 16: The Tors

Blood For Blood

Arodus 17th-27th, 4715

Knowing signs of a possible silver dragon have been spotted relatively nearby, the adventurers head through the Valley of Death in the direction of the sighting.

Though they don’t find a dragon, Dr. Louis successfully unlocks the chest finding a wand and book inside. They continue exploring South into the mountains. Eiji is confronted as he acts strangely, but nothing comes of it except a few realizations.

They find a horrifying scene during their travels, four Blodeuwedd and their Queen murdered and posed like statutes. Cassandra speaks to their spirits learning of ‘The Exile’. Their deaths are reminiscent of Roxxy’s demise.

They venture forth towards the lair of a massive cyclops and prepare to defeat the creature once and for all. They find a very strange copse of statues depicting the apocalyptic horseman in Cycloptic form.



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