The Rise of Sellenmar

BB13: Lights off Candlemere

Blood For Blood

Desnus 28, 4715

The adventurers make their way to Candlemere by water, landing on the banks of the desolate isle. Through Duke Gregor and Cassandra’s combined efforts, they make the usually deadly Will-O-Wisps quite harmless. They find the ‘Blasphemous Beacon’ Desna warned them of in an old ruin.

Near the ‘beacon’, etched into an old pillar, Cassandra recognizes ancient Aklo writing. While reading, she asks Dr. Louis ‘Who is Yog-Sothoth?’, immediately summoning a swarm of Wisps. They defeat the creatures and Hallow the blighted land in the name of Fort Shrike, ending the Lights of Candlemere. Cassandra discovers a dark ritual dagger from the site and begins the steps to get it purified. She carefully hides the dagger within the ruins of Candlemere until such time it can be safely recovered.



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