The Rise of Sellenmar

BB 14: Tying up Loose Ends

Blood For Blood

Desnus-Arodus, 4715

A new settlement on Candlemere is established, a fire is tamed in the Market District of Fort Shrike, and Tatzlford continues to flourish. The adventurers grab Celestia (Alexander having his own prospects in the kingdom) and head towards Talon Peak to retrieve a Roc’s egg. After successfully recovering an egg without killing the roc, they hold a cooking competition, which ends in a tie between Dr. Louis and Chef Jamery Gorbasken. The 12th of Arodus is declared the “Feast of the Founders” holiday.

Afterwards, the adventurers decide to head towards the mud flats around Lake Silverstep to investigate an attack on a survey team that happened months before. Gregor keeps the group protected from sinking into the mud while the rest search the mineral rich mud for clues. In short order, a corpse is discovered partially sticking out of the bubbling ground. Upon closer inspection, they manage to disturb the residents of this region, a trio of fiercely territorial mud elementals. The creatures swiftly emerge from the bubbling soil, wailing deep, throaty warnings while lunging to attack.



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