The Rise of Sellenmar

BB 12: Progress

Blood for Blood

Pharast – Desnus, 4715

While working on their kingdom, the group is approached by the boggard Garuum to kill the M’botuu priest-king Sepoko. Once the deed is complete, they are to bring Sepoko’s head back to Garuum so he can feed it to his pet slurk (See Quest Details). This task may gain the favor of the boggard tribes near Fort Drelev. At the very least, it may loosen the stranglehold the Hooktongue boggard tribes have on river trade in this region of the Stolen Lands.

During this time, Gregor and Cassandra combine their magical skills and are able to safely disenchant Vordakai’s spellbooks, granting the party access to their contents.

Over the next 3 months, walls are put up around the towns near the border of the Hooktongue Slough, and guildhalls are erected in Tatzlford. The kingdom’s weatlh, power, and size grow. Lands are clamed in both the The Nomen Heights and the Hooktongue Slough and developed to aid the kingdom.

As the Founders claim more land, they realize they have an issue near their castle they need to address, the will ‘o’ wisp infested island of Candlemere. Taking a break from ruling the kingdom, the party decides to investigate and try to clear out the island of this possible threat.



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