The Rise of Sellenmar

BB 11: Overbearing Evil

Blood for Blood

Pharast 9, 4715

The group fights hard against the barbarians as Roxie throws spells and taunts in the background. Despite a tough fight, the group ultimately prevails, but not before a rouge barbarian can sound a horn to alert the camp. After a quick looting the party retreats, and alters their route to avoid what they know or suspect to be Tiger Lords lands.

Pharast 10-12

After evading search parties from the barbarian encampment, the party continues to explore the hilly northern reaches of the The Hooktongue Slough. Nothing of incident occurs.

Evening of Pharast 12th

During Louis and Cassandra’s watch, they are alarmed by a loud scream followed by a sickening squelch occuring somewhere a few hundred yards outside the camp. A lingering aura of overwhelming magic is detected a short distance away. Cassandra and a quickly awakened Gregor attempt to check for the magical source, but see nothing.

Pharast 13th

Cassandra, on waking, gets and uses Detect Evil, but passes out from the strength of the aura. Using a divination, Desna warns them of purest corrupted beauty at the Wyvernstone bridge. (NOT EXACTLY, I WILL PUT IN THE WORD FOR WORD DIVINATION -R)

The party rides to the bridge, finding Roxie dead, magically slain with tongue ripped out and bound in vines that make an odd intracate pattern on the ground at the head of the bridge. The party uses Speak with Dead on Roxie, getting some more cryptic clues about this corrupted beauty, along with Roxie noting that “he’s ugly” (AGAIN, NOT QUITE -R)

The party decides to move back to Fort Shrike without more exploration, arriving on Pharast 16th, 4715

After arrival, Gregor appoints Cassandra as the Magister for the kingdom, and Louis as Treasurer, making use of their unique skills. As well, the group hears reports of the bog to the <direction> being haunted by bog mummies.

The group settles in, preparing to take time to research more about what they have found about Fort Drelev as they fortify their kingdom.



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