The Rise of Sellenmar

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Varnhold Vanishing

Neth 12, 4714

The party arrives at the Centaur camp as the celebration continues. The reason was apparent as they were greeted by Xamanthe, who escorted them to her mother, Aecora. Once they were in her presence, the priestess thanked the group for their efforts, and acknowledged their role in assisting Neilis with the rescue of her daughter. She invited them to join the feast in his honor and explained that he was now a full member of the Nomen tribe. As a token of their esteem, Aecora granted Neilis the tribal heirloom bow Skybolt. For their role in the rescue and their defeat of Vordakai the Founders were granted the status of “Allies of the Tribe” to the Nomens. Alex attempted to broach the topic of a formal alliance with Sellenmar, but Aecora was hesistant to ally her tribe with a human nation despite her respect for it leadership. The wounds incurred by the violent history between the Nomen and human settlers cannot be so easily forgotten. However, Aecora did seem to be in favor of formal truce. This truce represents the first successful diplomatic contact between a human nation and the Nomen and is nevertheless very valuable indeed.

The next day, the party started on the long trek back to Sellenmar, declining to stop in at Restov after the waves they made the previous time, and headed direct to Fort Shrike.

Neth 19, 4714

As the Founders return home, they are met at the gates of Fort Shrike by Neilis and, much to their surprise, Gregor. After visiting the centaur camp, Neilis was able to arrange for Gregor’s ressurection, but the experiences scarred the half orc’s mind, causing him to be paranoid of undead. He has developed the odd habit of frequently compelling people near him to drink healing potions to confirm their true life. In short order, the Founder’s release the rest of the Varnhold townsfolk from the soul jars, discovering Ervil Pendrod, Kesten Garress, and a plain but well respected man named Sammuel among the trapped.

Ervil was quickly reunited with his student Jemanda, and Kesten re-acclimated to his dutes, and the party learned a bit more of Sammuel.

Kuthona, 4714

A letter from the Retov arrives, simultaneously praising the Founders for their diplomatic achievements with the Nomen centaurs, and officially severing ties with the kingdom. A formal recall of all issued charters was instated.

Intrigued by more pressing matters, Kolya, Celestia, and Sammuel, attempted to open and examine the Lich’s spell books. Unfortunately, despite an extensive set of magical wards, Sammuel slain by a Symbol of Death inscribed on the interior of the book. But his sacrifice not in vain as the book held and untold wealth of arcane knowledge. Using a portion of the wealth recovered from Vordakai’s tomb, the party resurrected Sammuel and offered him the role as Magister of the kingdom. Eiji was moved into Bei Lin’s old role of Royal Enforcer, and appointed Kesten assumed the responsibility as Sellenmar’s general in the wake of Penelope’s death.



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