The Rise of Sellenmar

VV11 It's a Trap!(door spider)

Varnhold Vanishing

After taking a little longer than usual to rest and ensure everyone is sufficiently refreshed after their interrupted sleep, Varelyn makes an attempt to scry for Maegar Varn, since she had enough information to hopefully be successful in her attempt. The spell went off without an issues, but instead of seeing Varn, she only sees a dimly glowing, roiling cloud of white smoke on a field of translucent black. In addition, she hears naught but deafening silence. The party racks their knowledge, but has no clue why the scry has turn out like that, nor where Maegar might be based on this attempt.

After cleaning up camp, the party decides to head north to Restov in Brevoy to sell off some of the items they have gained since leaving Sellenmar, and figuring they would have better luck finding the rarer items they desired in the relative metropolis of Restov. Along the way, the path the party has been following snakes though a set of 8 mounds. Initial approaches of the area reveals little until Bei Lin spots a sparkle from a hidden door atop one of the hillocks. As Alexander sets foot on one of the mounds, trapdoor spiders spring from each mound, assaulting the party. Each member moves about the area, dealing with the spiders with axe, fist, arrow, sword, magics and in a few instances, hooves. The spiders are quickly vanquished with thankfully little damage to the party. A search of the doors in the mounds reveals about 80 square yards of spider’s silk, 950 gold, and a magical set of cloak and boots. Varelyn and Gregor quickly identify both as boots and cloak of Elvenkind. Penelope is given the boots, and Gregor the cloak as they helped them move more nimbly and quietly with their louder and heavier armor. The party traveles a bit further, and sleeps without incident until morning.

Lamashan 19

The next day was uneventful as they approached Brevoy, only spotting a set of Centaur tracks heading eastward. Nearing Brevoy as dark falls, the party decides to make camp, and sleep without disruption.

Lamashan 20

As they wake the next morning, Alex notices a raven watching them from near by. After some thought, he realizes this bird has followed them from Varnhold, and has been seemingly watching them, even during battles. After some planning, Bei Lin attempts to approach the bird, who is unfooled by her nearly blatant attempts to approach the bird, and flies to another spot near by. Alex, who was craftier, used the horses as a distraction to drop into the low grass and slowly approach the bird. Once within range, he popped up and tried to knock the bird unconscious with a blunted arrow. The shot struck true, but without a sound, the bird took flight heading to the southwest. Alex attempted two more shots as the bird sped off, one hitting solidly as the other fell short, but despite a small shake, the bird managed to escape their range.

The party broke camp and finished their trek to Brevoy. While Alex, Varelyn and Bei Lin went along to the market to sell the excess items they had gathered from their battles and pick up some new gear, Gregor and Penelope went to the home of their sponsor, Jamandi Aldori, one of Restov’s three citadels called The Willow. Recognized by the guards immediately, they are ushered in, informed that Jamandi was expecting them. They then find themselves waiting for an hour before a butler appears, apologizing that the First Swordlord is currently occupied and cannot meet with them today. He suggests that they find lodging, and quietly suggests a private inn called the Dancing Unicorn before bidding them a good day. As they leave and enter the crowds, Penelope and Gregor think back on the events, and noted how the butler had quietly but emphatically suggested the inn, as well as the long wait when they had been informed that the Swordlord had wished to meet with them and was expecting them. They figure that for some reason, Jamandi Aldori wished to meet with them at the Dancing Unicorn. Before this though, they head to gather some information.

They approach and enter a rowdy pub called the Bloody Manitcore, where much drinking and carousing is occurring. Gregor manages to hear word that the band of dwarves, led by a fierce looking dwarf by the name of Cullen Stonebeard, at the bar are on a quest to take on some large flying creature. After gaining the dwarves’ favor with offers of drink, he finds they are off to recover a Roc’s egg for a aspiring chef in Sellenmar who wishes to use it in an omelet. Penelope speaks with a local, hearing that someone from Sellenmar’s academy is looking for manticore quills for writing. As well, she hears a bit of speculation about the war between Culcheck Spriggans and Nomen Centaurs. It is said that the Spriggans stole a powerful, magical bow from the Nomen many years ago, initiating a war that has lasted nearly three decades. As well, it’s also speculated that the Spriggans are under the protection of some dark god, as there would be no way they could hold up against the Centaur otherwise.

After drinks and talking for Gregor and Penelope, and shopping for the others (and the discovery of someone seeking a large amount of Spidersilk by Varelyn), the group reconvenes and heads to the Dancing Unicorn, a place of quiet and decadence. The proprietor recognizes them and say there is a high ranking official expecting them, but wishes them to rest a bit first and clean themselves. After taking his advice, the group meets in the common room, taking in the relaxation as Gregor notices a man reading about Iobarian history. After some talk, the man introduces himself as Tamerak Elenark, a traveling scholar from Taldor. He notes that he is wishing to explore some Iobarian ruins in the the Nomen Heights. As well, Alexander and Gregor share the book of Iobarian prehistory they have found. After some time of this, they are called to meet with the official.

The enter the room, expecting Jamandi Aldori, but could not believe their eyes when they see that the official wanting to meet with them is someone else entirely.



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