The Year 4710

The Year 4711

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The Year 4714

Sarenith 18
Willas Gundarson journal entry "Routine patrol of the Varnhold pass, all’s quiet. Watch post well provisioned, Lieutenant Pierce requesting tack and harness for 1 draft horse and two messenger raven’s.

Willas Gundarson journal entry “Found bracelet by the river”.

Erastus 3
Strange weather occurences are reported from throughout Sellenmar and beyond. Rainstorms of frogs, red lightning from the east, frenetic lights from Candlemere, foul-smelling snow in the Narlmarches, and more are documented. Locals view these strange weather reports as bad omens, referring to them collectively as “The Foreboding”.

Willas Gundarson discovers the “bracelet” in Vordakai’s Tomb. Strange weather is the result of Gundarson’s foray into the tomb.

Erastus 7
Letter to Ervil Pendrod from Maegar Varn.

Ervil Pendrod arrives in Varnhold.

Arodus 6
Andrisha the Potter dies.

Arodus 8
Night of the The Vanishing.

“Day of the Crimson Dawn” (see High Council Arodus-Rova 4714)

Arodus 10
The Varnhold trade caravan is late (see High Council Arodus-Rova 4714).

Arodus 26
Kesten Garress forms a search party to search for the missing caravan.

Rova 6
Kesten and his search party arrive in Varnhold to find it empty. They immediately come under magical surveillance by Horagnamon.

Rova 9
Jospeth the Scribe, official representative of Sellenmar, accompanies Tomin Hanvaki to Varnhold. After crossing into the Nomen Heights, the two have apparently disappeared without a trace.

During the night, Kesten and his men are subdued and captured by Vordakai’s magic.

Rova 26
Lord Kesten Garress and his entire search party have gone missing. Jemanda Orlashen, arrives at Fort Shrike to petition Lord Gregor on behalf of Professor Ervil Pendrod. (see High Council Arodus-Rova 4714)

Rova 28
Message from Jamandi Aldori is delivered to the hands of Duke Gregor by a messenger from Restov.

Rova 29
Edrist Hanvaki formally requests Duke Gregor to search for his missing brother, Tomin.

Rova 30
Culchek spriggans begin squatting in an empty Varnhold.

Lamashan 2
The Founders cross into the Nomen Heights.

Lamashan 8
Tomin Hanvaki’s body is discovered.

Lamashan 10
The Founders arrive in Varnhold

Neth 2
The body of Willas Gundarson is discovered in Vordakai’s tomb.

Neth 3
The Founders confront Vordakai in his inner sanctum. Gregor Streltsy is slain by Shiba Eiji acting under magical compulsion. Kolya is freed from a soul jar and joins the battle against Vordakai. Vordakai is slain by a stunning display of swordsmanship by Shiba Eiji.

Early Winter ???
Hannis Drelev surrenders to the combined forces of Pitax and the Tiger Lord barbarians.

The Year 4715

Calistril 19
The town of Tatzlford is attacked by a small army of mercenaries and Tiger Lord barbarians in what comes to be known as The Battle of Tatzylford (BB2: Attack on Tatzlford). According to Kisandra Numesti, a prominent refugee, the assaulting army was sent by order of Hannis Drelev, leader of the Drelev Demesne. With advance warning, the Founders rally the defense and successfully repel the invaders. Kisandra Numesti pleads with the Founders and their companions to overthrow Drelev and free her people from the Tiger Lords.

Desnus 27
The mystery of the Witch Lights of Candlemere is solved.

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