M'botuu Boggards

In their marshy realms, boggards raise croaking prayers to merciless priest-kings, ravenous idiot demigods, and their fecund demon goddess Gogunta. Yet for all their overtures of piety and culture, among boggards the strongest rules and the weakest become meals for their bestial kin. Few know much of the mysterious ways of boggards, but those who have survived their encounters tell of violent hunts, cannibalistic feasts, ancient things sleeping amid the muck, and much, much worse.

The word “M’botuu” loosely translates as, “Those who swim in blood.”

For more information, you will have to do some research.

2 Diplomacy (Gather Information) checks: 1 week each to talk to local swampers in and around the Aerie and merchants in Fort Shrike to learn specifics about the M’botuu. Or 3 days making inquiries with various citizens in Fort Drelev.

3 Knowledge (Local): 3 days each in a town with a library to learn about the ecology of a boggard. The first check requires no time but aid another is not allowed.

3 Knowledge (Religion) checks: 1 days in a town with a temple and a library to learn about the religion of the boggards. Additional checks add 1 day to the time required to complete the check.

M'botuu Boggards

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