The Rise of Sellenmar

BB 16: The Tors
Blood For Blood

Arodus 17th-27th, 4715

Knowing signs of a possible silver dragon have been spotted relatively nearby, the adventurers head through the Valley of Death in the direction of the sighting.

Though they don’t find a dragon, Dr. Louis successfully unlocks the chest finding a wand and book inside. They continue exploring South into the mountains. Eiji is confronted as he acts strangely, but nothing comes of it except a few realizations.

They find a horrifying scene during their travels, four Blodeuwedd and their Queen murdered and posed like statutes. Cassandra speaks to their spirits learning of ‘The Exile’. Their deaths are reminiscent of Roxxy’s demise.

They venture forth towards the lair of a massive cyclops and prepare to defeat the creature once and for all. They find a very strange copse of statues depicting the apocalyptic horseman in Cycloptic form.

BB 15: The Ghost Rock
Blood For Blood

Arodus 15, 4715

The group clears the mudflats of some nasty elementals and head towards what the scouts are calling “The Ghost Stone.” They run into a Phase Spider named Zzamass who ‘binds’ Cassandra to committing to helping her reclaim her home (which fortunately is their current destination).

The invaders are a group of Xill and they readily attack the group as they approach. Fortunately the adventurers overcome the threat and Zzamass appears, thanking them and grants them a rather expensive looking, and magically locked, chest.

BB 14: Tying up Loose Ends
Blood For Blood

Desnus-Arodus, 4715

A new settlement on Candlemere is established, a fire is tamed in the Market District of Fort Shrike, and Tatzlford continues to flourish. The adventurers grab Celestia (Alexander having his own prospects in the kingdom) and head towards Talon Peak to retrieve a Roc’s egg. After successfully recovering an egg without killing the roc, they hold a cooking competition, which ends in a tie between Dr. Louis and Chef Jamery Gorbasken. The 12th of Arodus is declared the “Feast of the Founders” holiday.

Afterwards, the adventurers decide to head towards the mud flats around Lake Silverstep to investigate an attack on a survey team that happened months before. Gregor keeps the group protected from sinking into the mud while the rest search the mineral rich mud for clues. In short order, a corpse is discovered partially sticking out of the bubbling ground. Upon closer inspection, they manage to disturb the residents of this region, a trio of fiercely territorial mud elementals. The creatures swiftly emerge from the bubbling soil, wailing deep, throaty warnings while lunging to attack.

BB13: Lights off Candlemere
Blood For Blood

Desnus 28, 4715

The adventurers make their way to Candlemere by water, landing on the banks of the desolate isle. Through Duke Gregor and Cassandra’s combined efforts, they make the usually deadly Will-O-Wisps quite harmless. They find the ‘Blasphemous Beacon’ Desna warned them of in an old ruin.

Near the ‘beacon’, etched into an old pillar, Cassandra recognizes ancient Aklo writing. While reading, she asks Dr. Louis ‘Who is Yog-Sothoth?’, immediately summoning a swarm of Wisps. They defeat the creatures and Hallow the blighted land in the name of Fort Shrike, ending the Lights of Candlemere. Cassandra discovers a dark ritual dagger from the site and begins the steps to get it purified. She carefully hides the dagger within the ruins of Candlemere until such time it can be safely recovered.

BB 12: Progress
Blood for Blood

Pharast – Desnus, 4715

While working on their kingdom, the group is approached by the boggard Garuum to kill the M’botuu priest-king Sepoko. Once the deed is complete, they are to bring Sepoko’s head back to Garuum so he can feed it to his pet slurk (See Quest Details). This task may gain the favor of the boggard tribes near Fort Drelev. At the very least, it may loosen the stranglehold the Hooktongue boggard tribes have on river trade in this region of the Stolen Lands.

During this time, Gregor and Cassandra combine their magical skills and are able to safely disenchant Vordakai’s spellbooks, granting the party access to their contents.

Over the next 3 months, walls are put up around the towns near the border of the Hooktongue Slough, and guildhalls are erected in Tatzlford. The kingdom’s weatlh, power, and size grow. Lands are clamed in both the The Nomen Heights and the Hooktongue Slough and developed to aid the kingdom.

As the Founders claim more land, they realize they have an issue near their castle they need to address, the will ‘o’ wisp infested island of Candlemere. Taking a break from ruling the kingdom, the party decides to investigate and try to clear out the island of this possible threat.

BB 11: Overbearing Evil
Blood for Blood

Pharast 9, 4715

The group fights hard against the barbarians as Roxie throws spells and taunts in the background. Despite a tough fight, the group ultimately prevails, but not before a rouge barbarian can sound a horn to alert the camp. After a quick looting the party retreats, and alters their route to avoid what they know or suspect to be Tiger Lords lands.

Pharast 10-12

After evading search parties from the barbarian encampment, the party continues to explore the hilly northern reaches of the The Hooktongue Slough. Nothing of incident occurs.

Evening of Pharast 12th

During Louis and Cassandra’s watch, they are alarmed by a loud scream followed by a sickening squelch occuring somewhere a few hundred yards outside the camp. A lingering aura of overwhelming magic is detected a short distance away. Cassandra and a quickly awakened Gregor attempt to check for the magical source, but see nothing.

Pharast 13th

Cassandra, on waking, gets and uses Detect Evil, but passes out from the strength of the aura. Using a divination, Desna warns them of purest corrupted beauty at the Wyvernstone bridge. (NOT EXACTLY, I WILL PUT IN THE WORD FOR WORD DIVINATION -R)

The party rides to the bridge, finding Roxie dead, magically slain with tongue ripped out and bound in vines that make an odd intracate pattern on the ground at the head of the bridge. The party uses Speak with Dead on Roxie, getting some more cryptic clues about this corrupted beauty, along with Roxie noting that “he’s ugly” (AGAIN, NOT QUITE -R)

The party decides to move back to Fort Shrike without more exploration, arriving on Pharast 16th, 4715

After arrival, Gregor appoints Cassandra as the Magister for the kingdom, and Louis as Treasurer, making use of their unique skills. As well, the group hears reports of the bog to the <direction> being haunted by bog mummies.

The group settles in, preparing to take time to research more about what they have found about Fort Drelev as they fortify their kingdom.

BB 10: Perilous Crossing
Blood for Blood

Pharast 4

The group decides to start scouting the northern part of the Hooktongue Slough on their way back to Fort Drelev. After some time, they come across a branch of the East Sellen River, which Eiji discovers to be far too deep and cold to swim across safely. The party starts making a raft, camping for the night on the southern bank.

Pharast 5

As the party starts taking the raft across, Roxie makes the crossing more difficult with a few spells, though all persons and horses cross eventually, with Cassandra promising to find Roxie a new pet as we are able.

Pharast 6

Alex notices a cleft in a hill as the group explores, and they find an old Taldan shield, though no one can determine the crest on it.

Pharast 7

While preparing camp on this day, the party is assaulted by a pack of ravenous troll hounds, who mob the weaker looking party members, Cassandra and Louis.

Pharast 8

Cassandra feels ill upon waking, but cures herself with magic. The group finds a ruined wagon, the remains of a Numerian adventurers guild, the Technic Blade Guild of Torch. What’s left of those poor, luckless souls physical remains are mounted on a ring of spears set around the ruined wagon. Littered among the scene are dozens of arrows bearing the markings of Tiger Lord craftsmanship.

Pharast 9

Roxie harasses the group again, pestering them to find a pet suitable for replacing Kitty (Old Speartooth). After some time, they catch a whiff of smoke on the breeze, indicating that they are close to an encampment. The group follows, soon entering a box canyon where a loud booming sound (like metal striking stone) can be heard in the distance. Louis scouts ahead, seeing a large camp about a mile off. As the party moves to follow, they are ambushed by a group of barbarian sentries.

BB9: Tigers in the Mist
Blood for Blood

Pharast 4, 4715

After a restless night, the party decides to head out and seek out the dangerous cat [[Wanted: Speartooth | Speartooth]], the bounty the discovered back at Fort Drelev.

After a short trip, the party enters a vale, which looks like a likely spot for such a beast to hide. As they investigate, they heard a small voice taunting them and calling for a cat, and are soon joined by what appears to be Speartooth, though they quickly realize the beast is an illusion, and focus on the voice.

The source of the voice reveals itself as a pixie named Roxie, who, after being plied with honey, tells the adventurers more of Speartooth, his self proclaimed pet, as well as identifiying the creature they ran across the prior night as a nuckaleeve. Additionally, Roxy has seen the leader of the barbarians in this area, accompanied by two, black-clad women who seemed to be urging him to violence and conquest.

Soon, the real Speartooth returned to his den, catching the party by surprise. The Founders were initially reluctant to kill the beast, but its ferocity left with little choice. Despite Roxie’s attempts to foil the party, they manage to slay Speartooth, leaving Roxy to flee, vowing revenge.

Having collected the items needed, the party discusses their next move. Will they talk to the farmers in the area, or scout the surrounding hill country?

BB8: Wild Chases and Smoke on the Water
Blood for Blood

Pharast 3rd, 4715

Louis continues leading the giants on a wild chase through the city, easily keeping ahead of them as he vaults and flies over boxes, packs of cattle, and other obstacles.

In the mean time, the party starts massing the horses to make a break for an exit. Cassandra requests that Gregor ask the horses to follow her, and the party starts breaking for not the gate, but the pallisade. While Gregor, Cassandra and Eiji run int he open with the horses, Alex takes to the shadows and moves quietly with bow ready, while Abaddos disguises himself as a guard and pretends to make chase.

Despite a few misteps, Louis stays ahead and out of the giant’s grasp, managing to elude their stones as they see him getting away before hiding in a smoke bomb’s cloud, going invisible and sneaking out of the damaged wall.

The guards on the wall sees the group approaching and raises the alarm, and are shot at by Alex and some sickened by Gregor’s magic. Cassandra calls for everyone to form on her at the wall, Gregor and Eiji manage, but Alex and Abaddos are too far back. Using her boon from Desna, she managed to Dimension Step herself, Gregor, Eiji and all horses to otherside of wall, and make a hard break. Alex uses his cloak to become an eagle and fly, narrowly avoiding a few quarrels as Abaddos summons an air elemental to carry him over the wall.

They run hard from the town, Louis eventually meeting back up with them, and use Gregor’s grove to rest and decide on their next action. Cassandra and Louis take first rest as they need only 2 hours of sleep for the evening, and then take the rest of the watch. During their shift, they notice an odd horsed figure out on a nearby creek. Louis attempts to fly nearer and ID it, but is taken by a sharp fear as he gets close. Unnerved, he returns and gets Cassandra to wake the party before flying out and hitting the odd figure with a tanglefoot bag as it summons a dark mist.

The party slowly rouses as Cassandra joins the fight, attemping to call to the figure in Aquan before channeling positive energy into the dark. Alex moves to flank as Gregor and eventually Eiji and Abaddos, Eiji carrying a torch, move in. The figure cannot be seen in it’s mist, and Louis attempt to bomb blindly is having limited effect. The creature eventually moves out of the mist, fast moving and blurry. A few of the party manage hits before the creature summons more mists, and disappears from the area. A quick investigation finds unshod webbed horse hoof prints all over the area. None of the party has seen something like this before, and wary, decide to go back to rest, needing to plan their next move once they wake rested the next morning.

BB7: Into the Fort
Blood for Blood

Pharast 3rd, 4715

The Founders stand a mile outside of Fort Drelev, planning their approach into the town. After taking some time to finish identifying the last of their unknown items found in a prior battle, the party decides to keep with the guise of being merchants.

In a field near the west gate, they find carrion birds eating a dead peasant, apparantly struck down by arrows after running from the town. Disconcerted, the party presses forward.

As they approach the gate, they are challenged by the guards. Alex bluffs the guards into beliving he is a merchant called Phillipe, part of a caravan who have run across hard times, many of their goods lost to a monster attack. Gregor and Eiji pose as guards, while Louis offers up his ability to make potions and concoctions. Louis also tries to charm the guard, with no luck.

Amused but skeptical, the guards eventually let them in after a 60 gold bribe, and inform them of the curfew that runs from an hour before dark to an hour after dawn.

As they enter, the party encounters a few peculiar sights. They find an abandoned shrine to the river god Hanspur. Also, they encounter a few women cleaning out the outside of the closed gambling hall. The group attempts to speak to them, but they seem afraid to speak with strangers and will not engage them in conversations.

As this happens, a group of guards pass down the street, and pull a man from his home, kicking and screaming. One of the gambling hall girls looks upset at this, but still will not speak when pressed.

The party carefully follows the guards, findng them meeting up with another group, 4 normally dressed guards and 1 in a long, authoritarion-looking blue coat. The blue coated man uses Prestidigitation to augment his voice, loudly declaring the citizen to be guilty of sedition before he is beaten bloody and dragged off to the dungeons. Several of the party narrowly avoid jumping in at this event, but realize they need to keep quiet and understand the situation.

They continue north, finding a smithy, stable, and an unfinished Temple of Erastil, where a woman with a halberd is sitting. The party splits temporarily, Gregor and Eiji moving to speak with the smithy, while Abaddos, Alex and Louis approach the woman. Abaddos starts to introduce the group as the woman recognizes Louis, and they react with some hostility to each other. The woman suggests the move out of the street to speak more privately. Meanwhile, Gregor and Eiji enter the smithy. They see that the smith has been quite busy crafting weapons and he pauses his work as the two enter the yard. The man is reluctant to talk, and eventually asks them brusquely to leave. Eiji notes the man seems to be behaving in a manner that suggests he is very scared and under a lot of stress.

The group is introuduced to Cassandra, a cleric of Desna. The group starts to make plans to set up camp, and review what they’ve seen of the town. The unfinished temple is near the well fortified main keep. Over the course of the day, they’ve seen several groups of guards, usually in groups of 4, who swagger about, treating the residents with disdain and cruelty. Sometimes the groups of guards are accompanied by more of the blue-coated men, armed with scimitars. Although these men do not treat the citizens of the town with the blatant cruelty characteristic of the mercenary, they do regard everyone with suspicion.

Around noon, the party moves out once again. As they continue to investigate the area, a group of guards starts to harass them. Abaddos attemps to charm the lead guards, but fails, causing him to become more suspicious before Cassandra intervenes and convinces the guard to walk away. The investigation also turns up a large, giant-sized, booted foot print leading out of the keep.

Near the docks, the party finds a shop called Bellweather’s Soup and Kettle. Inside, many guards eat, seeming to strain the people of the shop. A few of the party go in for food. The guards eye them, but do nothing. The proprietress, Asaia Bellweather serves them, charging 1 gold for a small peice of goose and very watered cider. The group notices the guards do not seem to be paying for their food. As they eat, the party overheards some gossip from the guards. They hear talk of a Quintessa Maray, a foreign refugee noblewoman prettier than Lord Drelev’s wife, Pavetta Stroon-Drelev. Based on the nature of the local gossip, the baron is a little too intereseted in what “Lady” Quintessa has to offer than what is appropriate for a married man. Also, they speak of Lord Imeckus Stroon, Lady Pavetta-Stroon’s brother being in town with this Stosstrupen, who have been supporting Drelev after his surrender to Pitax and the Tiger Lords..

The rest of the group find an abandoned inn, but before they can look further, guards approach, so they rejoin the others as they are leaving the restaurant. They decide to check the other side of the city again. Alex finds and makes note of a bounty to kill a large Sabertoothed cat named Speartooth for an 8,000 gp reward. The group also remembers that Kasandra Newmesti recommended they speak with the proprietress of the gambling hall, Satinder Morne, but they need a long stemmed flower for the ring first.

The group decides to use the last hours of light to gather more information. They confirm that the blue coated men are the Stosstrupen, a kind of secret police trained and overseen by the baroness’s brother. The guards are a mix of Pitax bandits and mercs hired for muscle, and there’s talk of giants used to guard the town at night. The party also notes that the mercenaries and deployed more like prison guards than defenders.

Apparently before everything happened, Lord Drelev had been claiming the land and pushing the native barbarians back. This was going well until a new warlord, named Armag, took control and joined forces with the Pitax bandits to push back. Drelev was invaded by the combined forces of Pitax and the Tiger Lords and he quickly surrendered. Irovetti, the ruler of Pitax did not remain long, and Armag left soon after, taking several prominent women from Fort Drelev as hostage. Drelev is regaining some semblance of control, but cruelly, and this was the driving force behind him attacking Tatzlford a while back, to show his strength.

As dark nears, the group goes back to the temple to rest. As dark falls, they hear the portcullis open, and giants exit, talking to each other. Suddenly, they speak of horse smell, checking out the stables, seemingly able to smell the horses inside the temple. Abbados attemps to lead them astray with a silent image of a horse running away, but they are not fooled, and start to converge on the temple. Louis, in a sudden fit of either genius or madness, attempts to sneak out of the temple and lob a bomb as a distraction at the stables across the street. While this provides some of a distraction, the giants see him as he reduces himself in size, casts expeditious retreat, and starts leading them on a wild chase through Ft. Drelev as the rest of the party has to figure out their next steps.


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