The Rise of Sellenmar

VV2 On to Varnhold
Varnhold Vanishing

The following events occurred from Lamashan 2-10, 4714.

Lamashan 2: The Founders cross into the The Nomen Heights. They spend most of the day surveying the border searching for any sign of the missing caravan or the search party led by Kesten Garress.

Lamashan 3-5: More surveying and searching. No trace of either the caravan or the missing search party. On the fourth day of the month the group encounters the abandoned Fort Serenko. A thorough search of the fort revealed evidence that the fort had been abandoned several months ago in a swift but orderly fashion. A ledger found in the commander’s office seems to support this explanation. In addition, it seems that the fort was abandoned before the caravan from Varnhold went missing.

Lamashan 6-7: The party arrives at Nivakta’s Crossing and after being made to wait outside the gate until dawn by the insufferably suspicious Gatemaster Tibbons takes rooms at the Jolly Moose. After some rest, the group decides to do a little shopping for the trek across the Shrike and gather information about the wilderness to the south. At the general store, Alexander strikes up a conversation with Irsk Hobard and learns several important rumors pertaining to the Nomen Centaurs.

Lamashan 8: The group crosses the Kiravoy and continues to search for clues to the missing caravan and search party. As they enter the foothills of the Tors of Levenies, the group leaves the road and strikes out overland moving deeper into the hills. Once they reach the banks of the Kiravoy, they head downstream in a northerly direction until one of them spots a peculiar site a few miles across the river at the base of the mountains. A flock of buzzards appear to be circling over some fresh (or semi-fresh) carrion, unseen from their current vantage point. The group crosses the river to investigate and after a few hours they discover the reason for the carrion birds. The fate of Edrist Hanvaki’s brother Tomin is revealed in a shallow gulch at the base of the mountain side. It appears that the foolhardy noble was thrown from his horse and killed on impact. The horse fared no better, the poor creature having been torn in two, the upper half was missing entirely. Tracks and other evidence suggest that a chimera attack was at the very least responsible for the state of the horse remains. There is no sign of Jospeth the Scribe. Later that day, the group encounters the chimera responsible for the attack sleeping on a rock near the river bank. Failing to sneak by undetected, the creature awakes and attacks, hoping to score a fresh kill to feed its voracious appetite. Instead, the party proves to be too formidable, and the creature flees but is brought down by an arrow from Alexander at an impressive range.

Lamashan 9: The party continues on to Varnhold and comes across an abandoned farmhouse near the Kiravoy Bridge. A quick search of the farm reveals that other than a few ravens and crows the entire place has been abandoned for some time, perhaps as much as two months. A set of relatively fresh tracks (no more than ~2 weeks old) from what looks like a small group of unshod horses was discovered in the yard and around the barn. Strangely, the group also discovered three crude, but well-crafted arrows lodged in the front gate. Afterwards, the group decided to camp nearby before making the final push to Varnhold the next morning.

Lamashan 10: The group reaches Varnhold just after mid-morning. From their vantage point on a nearby hillside, they discover that the settlement is intact, however, an eerie stillness has settled over the valley. Not even the slightest wisp of smoke is seen from Varnhold’s chimney’s and but for a few raven’s not a single soul moves down the village’s wide avenues. Varnhold is as still and as quiet as a tomb.

VV1 Dark Omens
Varnhold Vanishing

Arodus, 4714

Day 8: Beginning at dawn and lasting for the enire day a faint crimson light permeates the sky throughout the land giving everything to have a faint redish hue. The people of Fort Shrike view this as a bad omen and warning of a hard winter season.

Day 10: The Varnhold trade caravan is late again and apparently gone missing.

Day 26: Lord Kesten Garress forms a search party and sets out to the east towards Varnhold in search of the missing caravan.

Rova, 4714

Day 9: Jospeth the Scribe accompanies Tomin Hanvaki to Varnhold. The pair are traveling to the colony to oversee the construction of a Hanvaki Business Consortium chapter house in Varnhold. Jospeth is the official representative of the Sellenmar Crown. After crossing into the Nomen Heights, the two have apparently disappeared without a trace.

As of Rova 26, Lord Kesten Garress and his entire search party have gone missing. A representative from Oppara’s Kithorodian Academy, Jemanda Orlashen, has come to the Stolen lands in search of her master, Professor Ervil Pendrod. She asks The Founders to aid her in the search for Professor Ervil Pendrod.

Day 28: Message from Jamandi Aldori, 28 Rova 4714 is delivered to the hands of Duke Gregor by a messenger from Restov.

Day 29: Edrist Hanvakiformally requests Duke Gregor to search for his missing brother, Tomin.

All contact with Varnhold has ceased. The whereabouts of Kolya are unknown.


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