+2 Thundering Darkwood Composite Bow (Str +4)

weapon (ranged)

An exquisite darkwood and ivory composite longbow. The workmanship of this longbow is similar to that of several of the Iobarian centaur tribes. Precise script carved in the wood using the sylvan alphabet name the bow as Obra Ishni-ehla which loosely translates as Skybolt in the common tongue.

&4 Str. Bonus
1d8&4 (Crit: X3)
Does 2d8 sonic damage on a critical hit
DC14 Fortitude Save vs. Permanent Deafness due to a critical
Made from Darkwood (weight x0.5)
Sylvan carvings on it
Skybolt (Obra Ishni-ehla)


Taken from the Spriggan leader during the fight at the fort in Varnhold. It was in his bag of holding, which leads us to believe it was not made for him. Sylvan writing carved into the bow. Currently being held by Alexander.

DEVELOPMENT: To gain the trust of the Nomen Centaurs centaurs, Alexander returned the bow to the tribe on Lamashan 22, 4714.


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