Broad leaf steel spear head riveted to a haft of aged, golden oak. The name "Gordrang" is incribed in runes on the leaf.

weapon (melee)

This razor sharp broadleaf spearhead has been expertly affixed to a long, unblemished shaft of aged, golden oak. An extremely well balanced weapon, this spear emits a muted glow when wielded. A set of silvery, barbaric-looking runes on the leaf name this weapon as “Gordrang”.

Game Statistics
’+1 Spear
Damage: 1d8+1, crit x3
Remove Paralysis 3/day

Gordrang has demonstrated a will of it’s own and seems to prefer good aligned characters. Non-good characters are bestowed a temporary negative level for the duration of their ownership of the spear. Bearers of the spear occasionally feel a slight tingling when the weapon attempts to communicate with its weilder.


Gordrang was found at the bottom of a pit in a mastadon graveyard on the edge of the Dunsward. Its precise origin is unknown.


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