The Founders

Honorific title given to Duke Gregor and his Companions


Among the members of the original fellowship that founded Sellenmar are the half-orc oracle Gregor, the elf rogue Alexander, the human magus Kolya, the halfling sorceress Celestia, the half-elven paladin Penelope, and the human monk Bei Lin.

Other de-facto members of the Founders include the human wizard Varelyn, and the human sorcerer Zvezdan.

Penelope was slain by a clay golem on Lamashan 28, 4714.
Bei Lin was killed by a piscodaemon on Neth 1, 4714.
Gregor was murdered by Shiba Eiji under the control of Vordakai on Neth 3, 4714. However, he was resurrected a few days later

The Founders

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