Swordlord Jamandi Aldori

Jamandi Aldori is widely regarded as the the most skilled duelist in Avistan. Her training is highly coveted and she only accepts the most promising students. Owner of multiple dueling schools in Restov where she lives and teaches.


Jamandi is approximately 45 years old. She is a beautiful and graceful half-elf despite the many scars that testify as to how she attained her rank of Swordlord. Her auburn hair is starting to show some signs of gray, which she does not bother to conceal. She wears simple yet elegant clothing, eschewing jewelry and displays of wealth. She is average height for a Rostland woman and slender. She always wears an adamantine Aldori dueling sword named Whisper. She seldom needs to draw it.


Jamandi is one of (perhaps the only) swordlord who is actually a direct descendant of Baron Aldori, and can therefore claim the surname by inheritance as well as by merit. She has lived in Restov for many years, rising through the ranks of Aldori duelists through a singular dedication to her craft. Despite her fame she lives a modest lifestyle. Admittance to her dueling schools is very competitive and quite expensive. Although there is sometimes speculation, no one is entirely sure where the substantial wealth brought in by the schools is eventually spent. Jamandi’s primary residence is The Willow, located in Restov.

Swordlord Jamandi Aldori

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