Sootscale tribe Hero


Nakpik is a gray scaled kobold of lean and wiry musculature. At home in the forests of the Narlmarches or underground caverns of the Kamelands, Nakpik is rarely seen without his standard issue marshals gear and weaponry.


Nakpik is young by kobold reckoning but in his time he has already fought in many battles. He has defeated mites, Tartuk loyalists, bandits, and filthy gnomes proving himself to his leader, Chief Sootscale, on many occasions. His success in battle has brought him a fair amount of noteriety from both within his tribe and among the Sellenmar marshals. Having recently risen to the rank of marshal-lieutenant, he is often trusted with leading extended patrols within the borders of Sellenmar. Nakpik’s cunning is matched only by his ambition, and he is quickly becoming a rising star among the Sootscale Kobolds.

Nakpiks experience under the thumb of the murderous kobold sorcerer Tartuk, has given him a healthy distrust of magic. He does not get along with Mikmek Fireclaw.


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