Friendly-ish hill giant that roams the southern Kamelands


Munguk is one of the stranger residents of the Greenbelt region of the stolen lands. Dim-witted and prone to violence like most of his kin, Munguk nevertheless can be reasoned with provided that those wishing to treat with him observe a very specific set of protocols. The least of these protocols involves being able to withstand a traditional hill giant “hello”. He also keenly interested in butterflies, spending a considerable portion of the warmer months chasing and smashing as many as he can. Munguk is also renowned for his loud and horrid singing voice.

Munguk loves alcoholic beverages and has become quite skilled at making a passable wolfberry moonshine. Since becoming associated with the Founders of Sellenmar, Munguk has acquired a taste for a variety of beers produced in Fort Shrike. A weekly shipment of beer seems to keep the giant happy and relatively peaceful.


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