Polite nixie sorceress native to the Greenbelt


This green-skinned fey has webbed hands and feet. Its hair is the color of seaweed, and is decorated with shells.


Although it is unknown where Melianse comes from originally, it is known that she has been living in the Greenbelt region of the Stolen Lands for at least 200 years. She has made her home in a grove of coachwood trees twenty miles from Fort Shrike. Melianse first encountered the Founders when her grove was threatened by a group of loggers led by a man named Corax Swinsayd. The nixie and the loggers were involved in a tense standoff minutes away from degenerating into violence. However, the Founders were able to negotiate a settlement and magically regenerate the fallen trees in her grove. As a token of her gratitude, Melianse agreed to keep an eye out along the Greenbelt’s rivers for any trouble or rumors of danger. Her efforts have helped the fledgling nation of Sellenmar avoid danger on a number of occasions.

In addition to her natural powers as a nixie, Melianse is a skilled sorceress.


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