Maegar Varn (Deceased)

A lean, dark-haired man of Issian descent well into his middle years.


(Rgr 3, Rog 2)


Duke Maegar Varn is the third son of Lord Alistair Varn, an Issian noble family who stands to inherit little more than a name through his bloodline. Maegar has always had a flair for the dramatic and, even from a young age, led his older siblings and friends on wild ‘adventures’ through the family estate and then recounted the stories in vivid detail at the dinner table.

As a young man he established the adventuring group known as The Varn Host. Together, they accomplished several small tasks and good deeds around southern Brevoy before answering the call to establish a colony in the Stolen Lands.

The Duke’s colony is known as Varnhold and is a fledgling, frontier town in the easternmost portion of the Stolen Lands, in an area known as the Nomen Heights. Varn speaks and reads Taldan, Sylvan, Orcish, Elven, and can decipher a bit of Old Iobaric Runes.

Maegar Varn was killed by the lich Vordakai after the residents of Varnhold were spirited away by the evil Eye of Abaddon artifact. The town retains its original name in his honor.

Maegar Varn (Deceased)

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