Kundal Heart-Eater (Deceased)

Dark-haired Kellid tribal warrior, many scars, hide & fur clothing


Kundal is a dark-haired Kellid tribal warrior from the North. His body is covered with many ritual and battle scars. He dresses in simple frontiersman clothing, mostly hides and furs. Like many of his kin, he is bold, boastful, and deeply suspicious of magic. Kundal craves the thrill of battle and is a brutal, but not cruel fighter.


Kundal earned the name “Heart-Eater” on his 14th nameday after single-handedly slaying a vicious manticore that had been poaching his clan’s hunting grounds in southern Numeria. Moments after he pulled his axe from the dying creature he carved out its heart and consumed it to show the gods and men that he was a warrior without fear. Henceforth, he was dubbed “Heart-Eater” by his brethren. A few years later, his clan was defeated and scattered by a rival tribe called the Tiger Lords, seeking to consolidate their hold on the tribes of the region.

Knowing it was pointless to return home, Kundal turned south to find his fortune in the Stolen Lands around the time of the founding of Sellenmar. Due to an ill turn of luck, he was bitten by werewolf and unknowingly contracted the curse of lycanthrope. Thinking his occasional blood soaked dreams were nothing more than powerful nightmares brought on by the loss of his tribesman Kundal ignored his condition for some tme. However, when horrible murders were discovered in and around Fort Shrike during nights where he could not account for his whereabouts, the barbarian began to wonder if he had not become something terrifying. Luckily, the Founders discovered his curse and were able to intervene before too many townsfolk were killed.

Owing a debt of honor to the Founder’s for their help, Kundal pledged his loyalty to the rulers of Sellenmar for as long as he was able to hold his axe. He was an able warrior that proved himself valuable to the success of the fledgling community. He was even rumored to be romantically linked to the enigmatic Tian Xia Founder, Bei Lin. Kundal was ripped to pieces by a giant owl bear that attacked and devestated Fort Shrike on Calistril 16, 4713. He died bravely, fufilling his promise to defend Sellenmar with is life.

Kundal Heart-Eater (Deceased)

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