Kisandra Numesti


Dressed as a soldier and filthy from travel, this wide-eyed and nervous young woman is filled with fear.

On Calistril 18, 4715 Kisandra warns the Founders of the Drelev army bearing down on the town of Tatzlford.

On Calistril 19, 4715 the forces of Drelev are routed and forced to flee into the surrounding countryside. Kisandra implores the Founders for help, explaining the troubling recent developments in the Drelev Domain, including the imprisonment of her father and the taking of her sister as a hostage by Armag. She pleads for their help, praising their skill and renown for problem-solving while also urging them to overthrow Drelev and save her people from the Tiger Lords. She asks them to repay Drelev for his treachery by forcing him to cede control of the kingdom—Baron Drelev is a craven bully who, if left in charge of the Drelev Demesne, will cause the death of hundreds. Furthermore, she asks them to rescue her father from imprisonment and her sister from the clutches of the Tiger Lords. She offers the Founders the name of a possible ally, the proprietress of a local gaming hall by the name of Satinder Morne. She also provides a jade ring to prove to Satinder that they are friends. If they are looking for a safe place to hide in Fort Drelev, they should mention Kisandra’s name to Satinder and give her the jade ring with a long-stemmed flower of any kind threaded through the ring itself.


The youngest daughter of Lord Terrion Numesti in Fort Drelev.

Kisandra Numesti

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