Kesten Garress


Kesten is a human soldier in his early thirties with troubled eyes and a thick Brevish accent that betray his birth in Brevoy. Although Kesten tends to be a bit morose & moody, he compensates with a military-like demeanor, and manners that belie his noble upbringing.


Kesten is a member of one of Brevoy’s noble houses in name only. As a young man, Kesten was caught in a scandal when an affair between Kesten and a lowborn woman named Tania, a weaver’s daughter, became public knowledge. His father Evan, a cousin of the Garess family patriarch, disowned Kesten, who fled to Restov to serve as a mercenary.

In 4710 Kesten volunteered to lead the small group of soldiers to help guard Oleg’s Trading Post after his own depression and shame grew too much to handle. Kesten hopes to either make a name for himself as the defender of a remote fort, or to find an honorable death among the bandits and other dangers in the region.

Kesten has earned his place in the brief history of Sellenmar, becoming one of the first members inducted into Lord Gregor’s Order of the Silver Sword as well as briefly serving as the fledgling nation’s general.

In the late summer of 4714, Kesten formed a search party to investigate a missing caravan from the neighboring colony of Varnhold. However, shortly after venturing out from Fort Shrike the search party vanished. During a search of the abandoned colony, the Founders discovered Kesten’s sword in a barn on Lamashan 13, 4714. His whereabouts and the whereabouts of his search party are currently unknown.

On Neth 6, 4714 Kesten was discovered trapped within a soul jar stashed away deep within Vordakai’s tomb. The Founder’s released him from his month’s of captivity and he was able to tell the tale of how he and his company were captured by the lich’s minions while searching the abandoned town of Varnhold. Appearing to have survived his ordeal unscathed, the often-moody Kesten returned to Duke Gregor’s service shortly after attaining his freedom. He now serves the realm as General of The Kingdom of Sellenmar.

Three months after his rescue from the clutches of Vordakai (Calistril 4714), Kesten is caught in a highly embarrasing public scandal involving his acrual of a large set of gambling debts. To pay off his astronomical debts, Kesten attempted to secretly divert funds meant for the nation’s meager military budget. Much to his dismay, officials from the office of the nation’s treasurerOleg Leveton, noticed the fraud and immediately took measures to publically hold the general accountable. As a result, the relationship between the disgraced general and Treasurer Leveton has abruptly soured, the two men nearly coming to blows on several occasions in the months since the incident. A fair amount of outrage was also expresed by the public over the matter. That outrage has quickly shifted from Kesten’s illicit conduct to the apparent lack of response from Duke Gregor and the Founders. Several key noble’s and merchants have begun to publically critcize the nation’s lack of leadership and blatant tolerance of government corruption.

Kesten Garress

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