Kaladin Fisk

Gallant, half-elven duelist


Kaladin’s appearance is a study in contrasts. Clearly he inherited the lithe grace from his elvish mother and the heavy musculature from his human father. He keeps his dark auburn hair in a short, utilitarian haircut to complement his high quality but functional clothing. He has a gregarious and gallant demeanor and is generally regarded by others as a likable bravo.


The fourth son of a minor noble sworn to House Lebeda in southwestern Brevoy. Kaladin migrated to Sellenmar in 4714 and after pledging his service to Lord Gregor Streltsy, was made sheriff of Fort Shrike. Kaladin does not speak much about his past and is reluctant to discuss his reasons for leaving his homeland. If pressed, he will say that he has never been accused of a crime and that his honor remains intact.

A capable swordsman, Kaladin is an experienced practitioner of the Aldori dueling style. He divides his spare time between teaching his art to anyone interested, and hob-nobbing with the Sellenmar nobility and important government officials.

Kaladin Fisk

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