Imeckus Stroon

Middle-aged human male with a regal bearing and benevolent demeanor


Middle aged human male.
Height: 5’ 6", lean build
Well-kept, shoulder length chestnut hair with streaks of ash gray.

Dressed in fine clothing and accessories that demonstrate the Lord Imeckus comes from a background of wealth and privilege.

Imeckus maintains a benevolent demeanor in his day to day interactions with others.

Reported to be a highly intelligent individual. Formulates detailed plans and executes them with a high degree of efficiency.


Lord Imeckus Stroon is the older brother of Pavetta Stroon-Drelev. He arrived at Fort Drelev shortly after Baron Drelev’s surrender to aid his sister and her family navigate the political turmoil in the Barony.

Imeckus Stroon maintains a residence in Pitax and is a skilled wizard.

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Imeckus Stroon

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