Howitt Gurney (Deceased)

Sergeant-at-Arms and companion of Maegar Varn


Former Issian man-at-arms and veteran of several conflicts. Wiry, weathered man in his late-middle years with a scar running down the left side of his face


Howitt spent many years as a man-at-arms for an Issian warlord in northern Brevoy before meeting Maegar Varn. He is one of Maegar’s oldest and most loyal friends. Currently serves as Maegar’s Sergeant of Arms in Varnhold.

Howitt was abducted along with the rest of Varnhold by the ancient cyclopean lich, Vordakai during the night of The Vanishing in 4714. His remains were discovered along with Varn’s within the great hall in Vordakai’s tomb, both men being victim’s of the lich’s ghoulish feast. He is most certainly dead.

Howitt Gurney (Deceased)

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