Former M'botuu boggard exiled to the Narlmarches.


Garuum is in most ways a typical boggard male specimen. He is five feet tall and approximately 200 lbs with light blue markings covering his dark green skin. His one distinguishing physical characteristic is his mangled left hand. He is also rarely seen without his pet tusked slurk, Ubagub.

Garuum speaks a broken, pigin form of common interspersed with croaks and gulps. He is unlike most of his kind in that he does not seem as prone to violence and cannibalism.


A few years ago Garuum made a terrible mistake the day he decided he should be the one to rule the M’botuu tribe. In order to prepare for his one-boggard coup, he gathered and devoured several dozen of the tribe’s sacred blue dragonflies, hoping to gain great power and skill from the insects. Alas, while the feast bolstered his self-confidence, it did nothing for his battle skills. He rode his slurk, Ubagub, into the center of his tribe to declare war, whereupon the tribe’s priest-king immediately captured him and sentenced him and his slurk to death after a day of humiliating punishment.

Fortunately for Garuum, luck had not entirely deserted him. He was placed in a pen, but his captors soon lost track of him after growing insensibly drunk on bog whiskey. Late in the evening, after the moon sank to shadow, he escaped his bonds by using a rock to pulverize his left hand in order to tear it free from his manacle, then freed his slurk and fled eastward into the Narlmarches. Following his escape, the priest-king branded him an exile and demanded that he be slain on sight should he ever return.


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