Ervil Pendrod

Visiting Professor from the Kitharodian Academy


Ervil is a scholar specializing in Casmar antiquities from Oppara’s Kithrodian Academy.

At the request of his friend and colleague, Maegar Varn, Ervil came to Varnhold to study a strange Iobarian artifact discovered by Willas Gundarson. The artifact in question was misidentified as a bracelet with markings connecting it to the The Nomen Centaurs. He believed that the bracelet was a prehistoric artifact of that culture. The “bracelet” was not a bracelet at all, but an ancient ring belonging to the cyclopean lich Vordakai. Nevertheless, Maestro Pendrod was in the beginning stages of composing a sweeping epic opera dedicated to the millennia spanning history of the Iobarian steppes and was excited to discover evidence of a link between the Nomen centaurs and those of ancient Iobaria. At this news, Ervil gleefully dropped everything and traveled to Varnhold to examine this rare find. Shortly after arriving in Varnhold, he vanished without a trace.

Ervil was captured and imprisoned along with the rest of Varnhold, in one of Vordakai’s soul jars. He was released on Neth 19, 4714 by the remaining Founders and their companions. After being reunited with his student, Jemanda Orlashen, Ervil has decided to go on sabbatical at the Fort Shrike Academy to study the artifacts recovered from Vordakai’s tomb. He is also planning to compose an epic describing Vordakai’s defeat at the hands of the Founders.

Ervil Pendrod

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