Corax Swinsayd

Gruff and overbearing leader of a Sellenmar logging enterprise


Gruff and profane, Corax is both a shrewd businessman and daring frontiersman. He is full of swagger and a staunch authoritarian.


Corax Swinsayd was born in Brevoy to a family of carpenters. After coming of age, he entered into the armed service of a minor lord. He was quickly identified to have an aptitude for leadership and was subsequently promoted to guard captain. After completing his service, Corax used his savings to finance a logging company under a Restov charter to settle the Stolen Lands. After enjoying some initial sucess, he and his loggers ran afoul of the nixie sorceress Melianse. After a tense standoff, the Founders intervened and managed to defuse the situation.

Presently, Corax and his loggers have claimed a large section of the Narlmarches for their logging enterprise.

Corax Swinsayd

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