Chief Sootscale


Chief of the Sootscale kobold tribe and the Marshal of Sellenmar. Survivor of the Tartuk coup.


On Gozran 24, 4710 the The Founders were led by Mikmek Fireclaw into the heart of the Sootscale tribe’s lair to meet the chief. Unfortunately, the chief of the Sootscale kobold tribe was on the losing end in a power struggle with a newly-arrived shaman, known as the Great Tartuk. The chief, in hopes of saving his tribe, asked the The Founders to recover the magical statue of Old Sharptooth for him, in hopes of saving his people from a wasting yellow death as a result of Old Sharptooth’s curse.

When the Founders returned with Old Sharptooth, the Chief smashed it to pieces, and then lead an attack on the shaman, the Great Tartuk. With Tartuk defeated and fleeing into the countryside, the Chief rules the Sootscales unopposed. He has pledged to be friendly with the party in thanks for their aid in ridding the tribe of Tartuk.

After the founding of Sellenmar, Chief Sootscale has taken the office of Marshal.

In Arodus 4712, Chief was at the center of a scandal involving his affair with a married noblewoman, Sierra Lagrange. The affair was un-successfully covered up and a wave anti-kobold sentiment briefly washed over the burgeoning nation. Although Sierra is now dead, Sootscale has recovered politically from the scandal.

Chief Sootscale

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