Arileayn Hollowcrest


Arilyean is a young, auburn haired elf maid with vaguely vulpin features. She is tall and lean as much due to her elf heritage as to her extensive martial training. Although she does not shy away from hard work she always seems to smell faintly of apples. Overall, her personality can be described as introverted with a touch of fatalism preferring to work independantly rather than work with a team. She is clearly a determined, goal-oriented individual who is nevertheless not unpleasant to be around.


Arliyean and her artist father migrated to the Stolen Lands from Brevoy in the late summer of 4710. Due to an ill turn of luck she and her father were separated from their party and ambushed by some of the Stag Lord’s bandits, lead by a fierce ogre. Her father died trying to protect her but before she followed him in his fate the The Founders intervened and slew the bandits.

Her suffering at the hands of the Stag Lord’s minions and the murder of her father has left deep emotional scars on the elf maiden. However, she has proven to be quite resilient and in the wake of her personal tragedies she has channeled her emotional turmoil into learning the sword and the bow. She is currently on track to becoming one of Sellenmar’s most capable fighters.

Arileayn currently serves as a scout in the Fort Shrike militia. Although not a leader, she is determined to make a name for herself in the fledgling nation of Sellenmar.

As of Pharast 4713, Arilyean courting one of the Founders, Alexander.

Arileayn Hollowcrest

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