Akiros Ismort

Akiros is a muscular, Taldan human man, with a distinguishing vertical scar over his right eye running halfway down his cheek.


Akiros is a stocky, muscular, Taldan human man, with a distinguishing vertical scar over his right eye running halfway down his cheek.

Akiros is a man of deep conviction but prone to fierce rages which he effectively channels in combat. He tends to be moody and prone to long bouts of brooding but it is clear that he is a man of honor. Those that spend any time with him realize that beneath the surface he is a man desperately seeking redemption for past sins.


While formerly in service of the Stag Lord, Akiros was deeply unsatisfied with his lot in life—but that was nothing new for him. Simple farmers in a proud rural area in Taldor, Akiros’s parents wanted nothing more for him than life Akiros Ismort as a protector of the town—as a paladin of Erastil, no less. Every moment of Akiros’s life was spent in preparation for his acceptance into the order, yet not one month after he achieved his parents’ dream and became a paladin, Akiros was forced to flee Taldor for reason’s he has never revealed. He barely made it out of Taldor, stowing away on a merchant ship bound for Mendev.

Akiros switched ships dozens of times as he fled north, losing himself in the River Kingdoms, living as a bandit, a vagabond, and a criminal, and growing to enjoy his newfound rages. Eventually, his wanderings took him into the Stolen Lands—he’d heard of the Stag Lord, and still unsure of where he needed to be in life, he sought this new liege out. Akiros was with the Stag Lord’s bandits for only a few months, but his commanding presence quickly earned the Stag Lord’s favor—before the fort was taken by the Founders Akiros was considered to be the second-in-command of the fort, much to the displeasure of the other lieutenants. Ironically, Akiros came to the realization that life as a bandit was even more hollow than life as a paladin of Erastil, and when theFounders made their attack on the fort, he saw in them an opportunity for a new life and, perhaps, redemption. At a critical moment during the battle for the fort Akiros tore his amulet of office from his throat, cast it aside, and began to fight alongside the Founders to vanquish his former companions.

Since the defeat of the Stag Lord, Akiros has worked hard to make himself worthy of Lord Gregor’s mercy. His deeds since the fall of the bandit king have earned him great honor. He is the first member of the “Order of the Silver Sword”. In addition, for a short time he supervised and befriended the former werewolf, Kundal Heart-Eater before the barbarian was ripped to pieces by a giant owlbear on Calistril 17, 4713.

Akiros currently holds the office of Warden for the nation of Sellenmar.

Akiros Ismort

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