Chieftain of the Culcheck spriggans


Wicked-looking, blue-gray skinned humanoid with a penchant for violence and cruelty.


The fierce spriggan chieftain seized power from the previous chieftain in a bloody coup sometime in 4687. Since that time, he has grown quite fond of leading raids into the Dunsward despite regularly incurring heavy losses to his own forces. However, his persistence paid off and in in 4689, the chieftan managed to steal a valuable centaur artifact during a nighttime raid on the Nomen encampment. Since that time, the Nomen and the Culcheck Spriggans have been bitter enemies. Over the last few decades under Agai’s leadership, the conflict with the centaurs has depleted the ranks of the Culchecks such that in the autumn of 4714 the tribe was forced to abandon their mountain stronghold in the Tors of Levenies and claim the empty town of Varnhold. Agai had hoped that the abandoned riches and fortifications of Varnhold could be used to strengthen his warriors and successfully re-ignite the conflict with the Nomen. Unfortunately this decision spelled doom for the tribe as Agai and his most capable warriors were slain at the hands of the Founders during the purge of Varnhold on Lamashan 12, 4714


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