The Rise of Sellenmar

VV9 Battle on the Dunsward

Varnhold Vanishing

Morning of Lamashan 14:

The party manages to rest after the prior night’s battle, waking to the peculiar feeling that they are being watched, though none of them can pin the source. Digging through the scrolls obtained earlier, a scroll of Restoration is used on Varelyn, repairing the persistent damage done to her by the Soul Eater, but leaving her spells still expended from the night’s fight. Once prepared, the group heads to check out the pass to the north west, Alexander on Bandit, Penlope on her summoned mount Rapidash, Gregor and Varelyn on Ivan, and Bei Lin on foot.

After 5 hours and 12 miles, the group finds a fortified cottage and stone watch tower with a commanding view of both the Kamelands and the Dunsward. Being on foot and quiet, Bei Lin approaches and checked both structures. Like many of the homes in Varnhold, the cottage is empty, rotting food left about as if whoever lived there just upped and left without cleaning. As well, the watch tower was empty, and after a quick inspection of the house, Bei Lin calls the party up. They all take a moment to enter the watch tower, noting the exceptional range of view, and how defensible the position could be in the event of an attack from any angle. It seems a place like this might have been manned by 6-8 people, but again, no sign of recent activity was found within. The party decides to rest within the tower to allow Varelyn time to recover her spells.

The next day, they lead to head back out to Varnhold, the temperatures dipping colder, and finding most of the party unprepared. Gregor avoids the cold with a spell, Vareyln and Penelope manage to avoid feeling chilled, but Bei Lin and Alex start to feel the effects of the cold. Bei Lin manages to shake it and soon they return to Varnhold. Inspired by the cold, the party decides to search the town to scrounge up warmer clothes. By time they all have found appropriate gear, night has come again, and the party rests in the inn without incident.

Upon waking and preparing to head out on Lamashan 16th, the party finds hoof prints around Varnhold. Unsure of where they are from, but having a suspicion, the party follows the fairly clear tracks NE out into the Dunsward. The terrain quickly turns into flat, open plains. After a day of travel, they are still following tracks, but have not found the source. Gregor uses a new power of his to summon up a magical grove of trees for the party to rest in instead of camping in the open.

After another uneventful night, the party wakes with the dawn of Lamashan 17th. Managing to pick up on the tracks again, the party follows them until they come to an area of gouged and torn up land, which the tracks avoid with a circuitous path. Off in the distance, the party can see the probable source of tracks off in the distance. Crossing the torn earth could allow them to catch up to the group quickly, but Gregor recognizes the tell-tale signs indicating that the area is likely home to a bulette, a strong earth creature. The party decided to take the safe route around the torn earth.

Eventually, the party finds a spot where the tracks diverge, going in several directions. The party decided to pursue the eastern set. After following them a ways, Bei Lin spots movement behind them, realizing that a war band of 9 centaurs was quickly intercepting the group. As they turn to face the centaurs, the party can see 3 are male, carrying bows, and the other 6 are female, armed with lances, all of them wearing well-crafted lamellar leather armor with visorless, full helms. One of the females, adorned and red, lead the Nomen warband. With the aid of Varelyn’s Tongues spell, Penelope calls out a message to the Centaurs, trying to start a talk. Instead, the centaurs charge and start surrounding the group. After trading a few shots, including Bei Lin landing a hit on the leader with the heavy crossbow and Alex felling one of the archers with a skillful shot from Skybolt, the centaurs cease circling and begin to charge in.

Varelyn gives the party the benefit of haste, and after a surprisingly quick battle, 3 centaur are felled, 3 unconscious, and 3 turn tail and run, including the leader. Penelope tells the party to let them flee, as they are defeated and done fighting. After hobbling the 3 unconscious centaurs, they are roused, and Penelope attempts to calm the remaining female centaur, with little luck. The centaur is highly resistant and refuses to parley with Penelope, who inadvertently insults the centaurs. The group decided to take their weapons as a sign of defeat, giving one last entreaty to speak with their leaders, before untying the centaur and letting them leave peacefully. The party now wonders what step to takes next, still unsure if and how the Nomen Centaurs are connected to the events at Varnhold.



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