The Rise of Sellenmar

VV7 The Demise of the Chull

Varnhold Vanishing

Date: Lamashan 12 and 13, 4714

Leaving the smoldering remains of the fort, our heroes continue on their exploration of Varnhold. They venture to a house built into a wall. Inside Bei Lin and Alexander find a curious object that appears to somehow be folded, and a journal written in Skald, including a ward against bad luck. Deciding it better to try outside, Alexander attempts to work the strange object to little success, but Varelyn is able to identify it as a folding boat, and open finally unfolding it, noticed is it used, but still quite usable.

Next, the group ventures to a barn, and Bei Lin is sent in to scout first, since she is the most likely to make it out unscathed. Inside she find grain, barley, and several large swarms of rats. Despite being crawled over, Bei Lin easily escapes with the rats in tow for the party to handle. Seeing a clear path, Varelyn fires a river of wind into the swarms, knocking 2 away easily. Two more come after Bei Lin, and with help from the group, she dispatched both. Two more retreat, and the party decides to let them be for the time.

A small cottage is found further along. Strewn about the yard are children’s toys, and along with more toys inside, is a large loom inside, indicating the residence as one of a weaver. As well, a hungry cat is inside, which Gregor easily charms with charm animal. Inspection shows the cat wearing a simple collar with a wooden tag reading “Dragon”. This calico cat has a gregarious personality and is quite talkative.

The next location investigated was a church, where the party found a large number of magical scrolls. An investigation of the graveyard show the most recent death, Andrisha the potter, a little over a month ago.

Going back through the town, the party investigated the locked box at the brewery again, and with luck, unlocked it, finding the Cheerful Delver’s Stout recipe and gold. After much difficulty, Alexander manages to translate the Skald book, finding it to be a journal of Willas Gundarson’s travels, with the most recent entry being two weeks before the rain of frogs back in Sellenmar, but it was a decidedly average report. The materials seemed to hint that there may be something of interest near some local water features, but details are vague.

After a night’s rest, the party decides that the Chuul in the river needs to be evicted. Girded to the teeth with spells and potions, the party takes position on the shore, and atop the water, thanks to Gregor’s water walk spell, and attempt to lure the Chuul out. At first it seems reluctant, but eventually ventures a grab at Penelope. A few people get hits on the exposed claw, but finding itself unable to grasp Penelope, it attempts to flee, staying near the surface. Bei Lin manages to grab and hold it in place, allowing the team to land the final blows.

Bolstered by their efforts, the group moves from the shore, deciding where to explore next.



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