The Rise of Sellenmar

VV6 Ascending Heroes, Descending Fire

Varnhold Vanishing

Date: Lamashan 12

As we start anew, our Heroes are stuck outside of the blockhouse, the door inside barred, and the occasional bolt still flying down from above. Varelyn took advantage of her gaseous form to fly up and peer through the murder holes to spot the spriggans firing at them from above, and then enter the building to scout from within, taking advantage of her invulnerability. Meanwhile, Penelope and Gregor started working on ‘unlocking’ the door by means of sword and axe, though the sturdy door worked at resisting their efforts. Alexander decided to take another approach, and used his grappling hook to make his way to the roof. He encountered another spriggan up top, and during their struggle, the spriggan knocked over a barrel of oil and set it and the roof aflame.

About this time, Penelope and Gregor made it inside the building and start working their way through the hostile spriggans, slowly ascending the building. The spriggans retreat, and the survivors eventually make it up atop the house, surprised to see the fire roaring already, despite Alexander’s attempts to quell the flames. After a short encounter with Alexander, who absconded off the roof, the spriggans grow and drop off the roof to outside the buildings, keeping their eyes and attacks aimed at the heroes within. Varelyn eventually re-solidifies and rejoins the group. After a few mildly successful attempts to shoot out at the spriggans, the group decided to head outside as the roof is consumed and the fire ventures downwards. Penelope, Gregor and Alexander head outside to work on the spriggans, while Varelyn takes a detour to loot the blockhouse armory, taking time to pick out the most valuable of items and stow them in her bag of holding.

Once outside, a misstep drops Penelope into the same spike trap that caught Varelyn, and after a few mishaps, is hauled out with Gregor and Varelyn’s aid. Reunited, our heroes finally turn their full attention to the surviving spriggans, including Agai the Culcheck chiefain, and after a long and hard battle, leave nothing but corpses in their wake. Time is taken to search the bodies of their enemies, finding a decent amount of gold, gems and valuable items, though some seem to very likely belong to the people of Varnhold. The blockhouse and a neighboring building are eventually consumed by flames, leaving our heroes no choice to abandon the fortress and return to Bei Lin and their horses, all feeling stronger and more experienced for the effort.



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