The Rise of Sellenmar

VV21 A Feast of Souls

Varnhold Vanishing

Lamashan 28, 4714

Despite the demise of their friend Penelope, the party decided to press on, leaving Alex behind to mourn over the loss of the mighty paladin. The portal previously hidden by the statue revealed another spiraling set of stairs ascending upwards, eventually opening into a worked stone hall, the walls covered in the same sort of historical reliefs the party had been seeing. At the end of this hall, a pair of doors emblazoned with, again, the same eye symbol stood before them.

After assuring the door safe and unlocked, the party entered a new chamber. Within, three altars could be seen, one at the south end, recessed in a alcove, and two at the opposite end, tucked into the corners. As well, while half of the floor was the granite stone they had seen, past a row of pillars, the floor was slate, though inspection revealed nothing out of the ordinary. An inspection of the altars revealed them to look fairly ordinary, each having a lamp, though the two in the corners also had stone cups with curious brownish red stains. The lamps in the corner altars were also filled while the one in the alcove was not. Two more sets of doors led out from the room, one between the two altars, and the other across from the door the party had entered, Both seemed to be unlocked and un-trapped, leaving the party to decide to head through the door opposite of the entrance. After a turn and a descent down a short flight of stairs, the tunnel stretched a long ways diagonally before ending in a large stone door, emblazoned with the same eye motif.

Bei Lin, after securing the door, opened it to see a pair of soul eaters hovering within. They did not move to attack or even seem to notice the monk, so she shut the door and the party prepared to face the pair of formidable foes. Once prepared, Bei Lin moved to rush into the room and ambush the creatures, only to be thwarted by their quick speed as they darted at her, slashing away at her health and wisdom before flying away and up out of reach. The party employed various methods to attack, Varelyn casting magic missile and other spells, Neilus firing a lightning bolts and enlarging Bei Lin, and Gregor hitting with his axe and healing as he was able. Bei Lin, having issues reaching them even with a running leap, was eventually enchanted with the gift of flight, allowing her to hover over the rest of the party and dispatch the soul eaters as they dove in to attack.

The party searched the room, seeing it to be a mausoleum, containing naught but empty stalls for holding mortal remains. In one, a secret door was found, revealing a small room containing a statue along the opposite wall, a stone bench covered in funerary implements and another locked door. Wary from their recent battle, the party decided to try to rest in the main room. However, during third watch, Bei Lin heard heavy footsteps and a sniffing sound outside of the stone door they entered earlier. Waking Neilus and Gregor, who were fully rested the three prepared for the worst. Expecting an attack from the door, they were all surprised as a daemonic cross between a bull and a bear popped up into the room behind them, catching most of them with his fiery breath weapon. After the daemon’s initial fiery assault, Varelyn woke and the party spread ranks to fight the beast, damaging it heavily before. Realizing it was about to be overrun, the creature cursed at them before disappearing into a dimensional rift that instantly closed behind him. Spurred by this event for a better hiding spot, the party retreated to within the secret room, using Varelyn’s rope trick spell to crawl into a more secure extra-dimensional space. While hiding out in the pocket dimension, Neilus spotted another daemonic bear creature as it briefly appeared in the room. Apparantly not detecting the party it stepped into a dimensional rift thus allowing all of the party to recover fully in preparation for what was to come ahead.

Neth 1, 4714



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