The Rise of Sellenmar

VV19 Trouble from the Depths

Varnhold Vanishing

Lamashan 27, 4714

After felling the undead in the room, the party investigated the seemingly dead end. Initial searching found nothing out of the ordinary in the alcoves or around the biers. Eventually, Alex and Bei Lin, found a faint outline of a door behind the rear most bier. After a quick inspection, Alex managed to open the door, leading into a hallway of smoothed natural stone. Following the passage, the party finds the room opening into a large, dark, murky pool, with the faint sight of a tunnel across the water. Stairs descending into the water are spotted, and Bei Lin volunteers to follow them down after Alex and Varelyn are unable to probe them further with rocks and a Light spells. While she delves the depths, Alex summons a hawk to take a lit pebble to the other side, though it fizzles half way across, dropping the pebble short, but showing a bit more of the tunnel.

Bei Lin follows the stairs as they descend and turn, eventually ending in a tunnel deep below the water. Before she can do much else, she feels water shift about her. She quickly surfaces, followed by an Elasmosaurus with fiery burning eyes. Bei Lin flees the water after a savage bite as Penelope gains Water Walking from Gregor and Alex is Vanished by Vareyln. Penelope strikes savagely at the beast, pursuing it from land and out onto the water as Varelyn and Neilus cast spells and summon creatures to attack the sinuous beast. Bei Lin and Alex attempt in vain to harm the beast with arrows as Gregor heals and buffs the party until Penelope fells the beats with a savage strike.

After defeating the elasmosaurus, the party decides to investigate the tunnel in the back of the cavern. The natural tunnel, worn smooth by centuries of use by the dinosaur leads to an exit outside of the stone tower in the lake. Deciding this tunnel to be safe, and tired from 2 hard battles, the party takes an uneventful rest.

Lamashan 28th

Upon waking, the party decides to investigate the underwater tunnel Bei Lin found the day before. She swims out out with Alex, carrying a long rope both for safety and to help lead the party through when an exit was found. 30 feet in, a set of stairs led up into a room filled with pottery. Using the Telepathic Link Gregor has cast, she alerted the party to the exit, with everyone following behind safely. The pottery was recognized to be relics from an ancient Casmaron Cyclops empire. The pottery, although ornate and finely crafted was mostly too large to take, but the party managed to find a couple of pieces that would fit in their bag of holding, knowing there was a collector of Iobarian artifacts waiting back in Restov. Another set of stairs in the side of the room led down into a dry tunnel.

Alex led the way, following the stairs down into a tunnel which turned. He noticed a portcullis hidden in the ceiling, though found no triggers. Two alcoves further in held status, but again, nothing out of the ordinary was found. Further in, the tunnel opened up to a room filled with 12 statues, and no visible exit. The party followed behind, investigating the tunnel and rooms, finding nothing exceptional until Bei Lin noticed a hidden door. Alex checked, and found a mechanism that he thought my affect the portcullis where they entered. He worked to disarm the trap, then opened the door, nothing seeming to happen, but revealing another portcullis behind the door, this one lowered.

As Bei Lin attempted to list if, a click sounded, and holes irised open in the ceiling releasing water into the room, As well, a grinding in the rear of the room sounded, walls opening and releasing more Cyclopean zombies. Bei and and Gregor started working on trying to lift the gate as the party turned to face the zombies. Varelyn managed to strike them with a fireball before being fells by a few savage blows. Penelope, Alex and Neilus began to assault the zombies as Gregor and Bei Lin still struggled with the gate. Giving up on trying to lift the gate, Gregor started striking it with his axe as the water rose about the party. In addition, a large and angry eel fells from above, adding yet another peril for the party to confront.



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