The Rise of Sellenmar

VV18 A Burning Gaze

Varnhold Vanishing

Lamashan 27, 4714

After a nights rest, only interrupted by a splashing in the river, the party wakes, and decides to brave the river once more. Proactively casting spells like Water Walking and Fly on those who needed them, the party manages to make the river trip without any difficulty.

They land on a small beach, finding an opening into a worked stone hallway within the limestone pillar towering over them. Cautiously entering, the party finds the hall filled with alcoves, including one with a broken amphora, gold and jewels spilled across the floor. Among them, a jade bracelet matching the drawings found in Ervil Pendrod’s Varnhold field office at the Waterhorse Inn and described in the journal of one of Maegar Varn’s lieutenants Willas Gundarson. None of these items was determined to have magical properties.

After gathering up the gold, the party proceeded onward, finding a rounded room, and another alcove behind a ruined wall. Upon entering, an undead cyclops staggered from the alcove, and quickly knocked Alexander unconscious. The party moved inward, fighting with blade and spell as another undead cyclops broke down another wall. As they were beset by these beasts, a third wall shattered, revealing a wispy undead with burning eyes later determined to be a Bodak.

While the cyclops started to fall easily, the bodak stared its dread gaze at the party, weakening them, to the point where the steadfast Bei Lin fell unconscious. With a mighty blow, however, Penelope felled the beast calling upon the power of Iomedae to aid her in a moment of need. Gregor healed Bei Lin and the rest of the group with a few more of his scrolls of Restoration. A search of the turned up nothing but a secret door leading to the west.



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