The Rise of Sellenmar

VV1 Dark Omens

Varnhold Vanishing

Arodus, 4714

Day 8: Beginning at dawn and lasting for the enire day a faint crimson light permeates the sky throughout the land giving everything to have a faint redish hue. The people of Fort Shrike view this as a bad omen and warning of a hard winter season.

Day 10: The Varnhold trade caravan is late again and apparently gone missing.

Day 26: Lord Kesten Garress forms a search party and sets out to the east towards Varnhold in search of the missing caravan.

Rova, 4714

Day 9: Jospeth the Scribe accompanies Tomin Hanvaki to Varnhold. The pair are traveling to the colony to oversee the construction of a Hanvaki Business Consortium chapter house in Varnhold. Jospeth is the official representative of the Sellenmar Crown. After crossing into the Nomen Heights, the two have apparently disappeared without a trace.

As of Rova 26, Lord Kesten Garress and his entire search party have gone missing. A representative from Oppara’s Kithorodian Academy, Jemanda Orlashen, has come to the Stolen lands in search of her master, Professor Ervil Pendrod. She asks The Founders to aid her in the search for Professor Ervil Pendrod.

Day 28: Message from Jamandi Aldori, 28 Rova 4714 is delivered to the hands of Duke Gregor by a messenger from Restov.

Day 29: Edrist Hanvakiformally requests Duke Gregor to search for his missing brother, Tomin.

All contact with Varnhold has ceased. The whereabouts of Kolya are unknown.



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