The Rise of Sellenmar

BB9: Tigers in the Mist

Blood for Blood

Pharast 4, 4715

After a restless night, the party decides to head out and seek out the dangerous cat [[Wanted: Speartooth | Speartooth]], the bounty the discovered back at Fort Drelev.

After a short trip, the party enters a vale, which looks like a likely spot for such a beast to hide. As they investigate, they heard a small voice taunting them and calling for a cat, and are soon joined by what appears to be Speartooth, though they quickly realize the beast is an illusion, and focus on the voice.

The source of the voice reveals itself as a pixie named Roxie, who, after being plied with honey, tells the adventurers more of Speartooth, his self proclaimed pet, as well as identifiying the creature they ran across the prior night as a nuckaleeve. Additionally, Roxy has seen the leader of the barbarians in this area, accompanied by two, black-clad women who seemed to be urging him to violence and conquest.

Soon, the real Speartooth returned to his den, catching the party by surprise. The Founders were initially reluctant to kill the beast, but its ferocity left with little choice. Despite Roxie’s attempts to foil the party, they manage to slay Speartooth, leaving Roxy to flee, vowing revenge.

Having collected the items needed, the party discusses their next move. Will they talk to the farmers in the area, or scout the surrounding hill country?



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