The Rise of Sellenmar

BB8: Wild Chases and Smoke on the Water

Blood for Blood

Pharast 3rd, 4715

Louis continues leading the giants on a wild chase through the city, easily keeping ahead of them as he vaults and flies over boxes, packs of cattle, and other obstacles.

In the mean time, the party starts massing the horses to make a break for an exit. Cassandra requests that Gregor ask the horses to follow her, and the party starts breaking for not the gate, but the pallisade. While Gregor, Cassandra and Eiji run int he open with the horses, Alex takes to the shadows and moves quietly with bow ready, while Abaddos disguises himself as a guard and pretends to make chase.

Despite a few misteps, Louis stays ahead and out of the giant’s grasp, managing to elude their stones as they see him getting away before hiding in a smoke bomb’s cloud, going invisible and sneaking out of the damaged wall.

The guards on the wall sees the group approaching and raises the alarm, and are shot at by Alex and some sickened by Gregor’s magic. Cassandra calls for everyone to form on her at the wall, Gregor and Eiji manage, but Alex and Abaddos are too far back. Using her boon from Desna, she managed to Dimension Step herself, Gregor, Eiji and all horses to otherside of wall, and make a hard break. Alex uses his cloak to become an eagle and fly, narrowly avoiding a few quarrels as Abaddos summons an air elemental to carry him over the wall.

They run hard from the town, Louis eventually meeting back up with them, and use Gregor’s grove to rest and decide on their next action. Cassandra and Louis take first rest as they need only 2 hours of sleep for the evening, and then take the rest of the watch. During their shift, they notice an odd horsed figure out on a nearby creek. Louis attempts to fly nearer and ID it, but is taken by a sharp fear as he gets close. Unnerved, he returns and gets Cassandra to wake the party before flying out and hitting the odd figure with a tanglefoot bag as it summons a dark mist.

The party slowly rouses as Cassandra joins the fight, attemping to call to the figure in Aquan before channeling positive energy into the dark. Alex moves to flank as Gregor and eventually Eiji and Abaddos, Eiji carrying a torch, move in. The figure cannot be seen in it’s mist, and Louis attempt to bomb blindly is having limited effect. The creature eventually moves out of the mist, fast moving and blurry. A few of the party manage hits before the creature summons more mists, and disappears from the area. A quick investigation finds unshod webbed horse hoof prints all over the area. None of the party has seen something like this before, and wary, decide to go back to rest, needing to plan their next move once they wake rested the next morning.



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