The Rise of Sellenmar

BB 10: Perilous Crossing

Blood for Blood

Pharast 4

The group decides to start scouting the northern part of the Hooktongue Slough on their way back to Fort Drelev. After some time, they come across a branch of the East Sellen River, which Eiji discovers to be far too deep and cold to swim across safely. The party starts making a raft, camping for the night on the southern bank.

Pharast 5

As the party starts taking the raft across, Roxie makes the crossing more difficult with a few spells, though all persons and horses cross eventually, with Cassandra promising to find Roxie a new pet as we are able.

Pharast 6

Alex notices a cleft in a hill as the group explores, and they find an old Taldan shield, though no one can determine the crest on it.

Pharast 7

While preparing camp on this day, the party is assaulted by a pack of ravenous troll hounds, who mob the weaker looking party members, Cassandra and Louis.

Pharast 8

Cassandra feels ill upon waking, but cures herself with magic. The group finds a ruined wagon, the remains of a Numerian adventurers guild, the Technic Blade Guild of Torch. What’s left of those poor, luckless souls physical remains are mounted on a ring of spears set around the ruined wagon. Littered among the scene are dozens of arrows bearing the markings of Tiger Lord craftsmanship.

Pharast 9

Roxie harasses the group again, pestering them to find a pet suitable for replacing Kitty (Old Speartooth). After some time, they catch a whiff of smoke on the breeze, indicating that they are close to an encampment. The group follows, soon entering a box canyon where a loud booming sound (like metal striking stone) can be heard in the distance. Louis scouts ahead, seeing a large camp about a mile off. As the party moves to follow, they are ambushed by a group of barbarian sentries.



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